Prehistory and Pilgrimage in France Tour 2017


Here is the BROCHURE! for our upcoming tour in May 2017. The September Tour was fantastic, with wonderful, inquisitive people, and our guides were top notch. We learned so much about the prehistoric people of the Vezere

Valley, and saw sites of original artworkDSCF8753-001 that touched the sodscn0228ul. dscn0231


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Fascinating France- exploring the past and present

This year and next, the focus is France in our tours! DSCF8524-001The artists of prehistory, medievalDSCF8718-001 castles, and sampling cuisine and wine are the themes of upcoming tours to be held in the Dordogne region. The September tour is full, and promises to be a wonderful immersion into the culture of France. We will visit prehistoric caves, where images dance across the ceilings and walls. We’ll have personal guides bring medieval history alive in beautiful castles perched high above the plains and rivers, and we will enjoy the culinary delights of the Perigord region.DSCF8578-001

If you are interested please contact us to be on the list for information on future tours as soon as it it released. 2017 trips are now being planned and space is limited.  Follow us on Facebook at Authentic Travel and Tours and we hope you can join us for a trip of a lifetime in the near future! See our brochure for the September tour to get a flavor of upcoming adventures.
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Paleolithic Paradise

I recently explored the southwest of France, particularlyDSCF8578-001 the Dordogne and Vezere Valley, where hundreds of paleolithic sites have been found. Our upcoming tour, “Cave Art, Castles and Cuisine” in September will be held in this area, and it was wonderful to be back again. Excellent local guides will be joining us as we visit the sites where Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal people lived. We will be visiting medieval towns and castles, as well as sampling the delicious foods and wines  of the Perigord region.











Art and personal expression is my area of study, and I am fascinated by the adornment that people wore, which we know from the finds of beads, peDSCF8594pic 36ndants, and shells. This display at Abri du Cap Blanc depicts the ways that beads were used to create head adornment. Of course, the artwork in the caves, from sculpture to painting , is remarkable. Some of it looks entirely contemporary, with its leaning toward abstracting, and communicating with a single boldly drawn line. It is particularly interesting to see how the shape of the rock was used to create compositions and dimension. Watch for more posts on Paleolithic art! Connecting to the people of the past is truly a profound experience. The September tour is full, but if you are interested in future trips to France please let us know and you will receive the information as soon as it is announced.

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