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The Artistry of The Book of Kells

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One cannot help but be amazed at the intricacy, artistry, and beauty of the illuminated manuscripts in the exhibit at Trinity College. Several illustrated books of psalms and gospels are displayed, and on my tours in Ireland I always make it a point to guide people through the exhibit, pointing out the steps involved in bookbinding, mixing  pigments, calligraphy, and creating quill pens. The intricate Celtic knotwork designs, depictions of monks patiently transcribing, and the glorious hues of lapis lazuli, crimson and gold all create page after page of stunning artistry.

Some of the items created for personal adornment  or religious rituals echo the same design mastery as in these pieces:

ireland75-001   ireland74

To read more about the Book of Kells see this link:


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