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Paint, sketch & photograph in the Irish landscape

DSCF5625This is the latest update to the Wild Atlantic Tour (see details under “Tours”), which will be held in October 2015. We have added some interesting artistic and creative options, so that people who are interested can enjoy this component as we travel the Irish coast. Your leader Joan Slack, who is also an artist and avid photographer, will make sure we stop often and have time to capture the wild Irish seashore, mountains and rugged cliffs.

One of the participants in the tour, Dennis Robertson, is a painter, and will be taking many opportunities to do on-site watercolors. while he won’t be teaching, he welcomes others to join him in capturing the land through painting and sketching.

Denny graduated from Michigan State University, with a degree in Landscape Architecture in 1967, where hetook a required course in watercolor painting. Since then his interest in art has lead him, along with his wife Sue and family, to form Dillman’s Creative Arts Foundation, Lac du Flambeau, Wi. in 1978.The Foundation has brought internationally known instructors to northern Wisconsin to teach workshops in watercolor,oil, pastel, and many other topics.  Over 11,000 students have traveled to this  family lakeside  resort setting in the last 38 years. Denny enjoys painting along with some of the workshops when he has time. More often he is able to find time to paint when the classes are held off premise while the northern Wisconsin resort is taking a winter hiatus. They have hosted workshops in Bora Bora, cruises to many Caribbean Islands, Bermuda, Greece, Cuba, Costa Rica, several trips and travels from Paris and out of Rome.Traveling to Ireland has been a long time goal.


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