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Travel with us in 2015!


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Travel With Us in 2015: Ireland   See for brochures and photos

We are very excited to announce the launching  of “AUTHENTIC TRAVEL AND TOURS” and several upcoming trips for 2015-16.  What makes our tours unique is the emphasis on authenticity, looking deeper and making connections, and attention to detail that creates a tapestry of meaningful, life-enhancing interactions. Led by an artist and scholar, Joan Molloy Slack will bring her years of research and travel experiences to our tour on many levels. Attention is paid to the right balance of activities each day, high quality site visits, and top rated local guides as well as individuals sought out for their special talents. You will meet people on our tours never possible by traveling on your own. Another big advantage is that having guides and interpreters of culture allows for you to learn more, to enjoy hearing art, architecture, and history explained, and adds so much more to understanding what you see.  Finally, it’s FUN! Enjoying new places and experiences with like-minded people creates camaraderie, and often life-long friendships evolve. We guarantee a truly memorable, life-changing experience!

Irish Connections-Past & Present, May 10-21, 2015 (see brochure on separate page or full color brochure at ) ALSO offered in October 2015, which will include the northern coast and Belfast. 

We are also offering a Wild Atlantic Way tour in October as well. Please see details on both october trips on separate pages, and view a printable  pdf version at

             Join us for a unique exploration of enchanting Ireland as we delve into the texture of Irish culture from prehistory to present. We will see the rich and fascinating history in the landscape by visiting stone circles, ring forts, medieval churches, and historical sites. The story of the earliest inhabitants will come alive in these places as we listen to local guides, envisioning the lives, art and beliefs of the people who carved symbols on stone, the Celts who created exquisite jewelry and art, and the early monks, who left their mark on the landscape in monastic settlements that still remain intact, and in exquisite illuminated manuscripts. Woven into the story of the past will be activities with Irish artists, actors, guides and musicians.

In conjunction with this tour, a genealogy component is being offered by Dave Miller. Dave teaches a course on finding your Irish roots, and will be offering his consulting services to those in his class, with actual hands-on time in Dublin to research further. The schedule is planned so that those working with Dave will have time to research with him, and those not will engage in a variety of other tour activities.

 OR contact for a brochure


Castles, Caves and Cuisine    France    2016

This tour will focus upon visiting the world famous caves in central France where people 30,000 years ago created their art-truly a life changing experience! France being what it is, we will also visit castles, artists, and learn some of the fabulous history. We will have the opportunity to sample local wines from a master sommelier at her organic vineyard, explore interesting cuisine, and flow into the pace of French living.

Complete trip details available soon: let us know if you are interested and materials will be sent to you


YOUR GUIDE:    Your tour leader is Joan Molloy Slack, who will guide the tour and interpret the range of fascinating things we will see and experience. She is a teacher and college instructor, a ceramic and fiber artist, and has been organizing and leading tours for 15 years to Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, France, and within the United States. She holds a Master’s Degree in Prehistoric Ceramics and Visual Art, and will bring her knowledge of art history, experience as a museum curator, and her passion for art and history to our daily excursions. As a firm believer in sustainable tourism, she also seeks out the best local guides, from historians to storytellers, so that we may hear and see through their eyes as well.

Contact us at 715-277-4224 or for more information on events

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