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Cave Art, Castles and Cuisine in Southwestern France


We hope you can join us for a trip of a lifetime!

pic 19“Cave Art, Castles and Cuisine”

 Exploring the Ancient Past and Lively Present in Southwestern France

September 18-26, 2016

Spectacular prehistoric art, fascinating history, and great food and wine form the perfect combination for a memorable trip! Join us on a tour of the Dordogne and the Lot regions, and see all of the details in the attached brochure. We hope you can join us this memorable tour!

Spectacular prehistoric art, fascinating historyDSCF1003, and great food and wine form the perfect combination for a memorable trip! Join us on a tour of the DordoDSCF0942gne and the Lot regions, where we will explore the cave paintings of people living 40,000 years ago, and see their art in its original setting. We will probe deeply into the meaning of the images, and learn about the geology and archaeology of the caves. Our days will be filled with visits to these stunning prehistoric sites, along with tours of picturesque castles that will bring medieval history alive. Every day we will enjoy culinary delights as we sample the unique and delicious foods and wines of the Perigord region. The prehistoric art is stunning, and you can also expect unique activities such as a river trip in a traditional gabarre boat as you gaze up at fortifiDSCF0979 - Copyed castles, wandering markets meeting local people, watching a farmer and his
dog find truffles, and experiencing the workings of a family run vineyard.

See the brochure here Cave Art, Castles and Cuisine


















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Artwork Sampler by Joan Slack

If you are thinking about taking a travel workshop, this page will give you some examples of your instructor’s artwork and style. You can also see more about Joan’s art at and 

Below is a photo gallery of my most recent artwork. People who have traveled on our tours know that in addition to being a tour leader, workshop  instructor and gallery owner, I am an artist who works in clay and fiber. Most of these pieces were completed this summer. Some were inspired by travels and sketches or photos of places have been my inspiration. I love sharing techniques that I have learned, and helping people find their own style and “voice” through art workshops. Combining travel to beautiful places only enhances the quality of art produced even more! (All artwork is by Joan Molloy Slack and copyrighted by the artist, and may not be reproduced without permission.)

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