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Exploring art with travel

As a traveler, tour leader, teacher and visual artist, I have always found my art to be inspired by my travels, and my travels inspired by art. 10 years ago when I was completing my Master’s Degree, I spent numerousDSCF2872 semesters in Ireland and Scotland, visiting hidden places and fairy glens with local guides, and absorbing the rich artwork, symbolism and beauty of Irish art through the ages. I would often come back to Wisconsin, and in my studio find ways to explore the imagery and experiences through sculpture, drawing, fiber art and mixed media. JM Slack- 02-2008  -  -7.tifFor example, the raven is a symbol of many things in Celtic tales, and a powerful one at that. Shape shifter, messenger, Morrigan- all of the stories and connections of the bird played with my imagination, and led to many series of artwork like the example here in clay and fiber.

DSCF4626I love combining realism with fantasy or magical landscape, and often incorporate birds, as I see them as messengers and symbols of freedom through flight. the magical qualities of ravens have been noted in stories in cultures around the world. I have created many ceramic sculptures using this symbol to explore the ideas I have read about.JM Slack- 02-2008  -  -1

As I began to lead tours, especially those with an emphasis on hands-on art making, I realized that this is the perfect combination of activities, and I am passionate about sharing all that I have learned and experienced (including those hidden places!) with people. Translating the travel experience into art while on the tours is an experience that truly changes us and I hope to share this with you in the upcoming tours.  DSCF7253

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News Flash!! A new “art” addition to the Wild Atlantic Way tour!

In addition to our regular itinerary, we are delighted to announce that the Wild Atlantic Way tour will now also include an opportunity to sketch and paint with Dennis Robertson, watercolor artist, who will be joining us on the tour October 8-15. We will also be encouraging frequent photography sessions in this stunning landscape! See the details by clicking below!

Wild Atlantic Way Art Tour October 8-15, 2015

Ireland's Western Seaboard

Ireland’s Western Seaboard

Culloo Rocks and St Brendans well (8)

Culloo Rocks


View from Healy PAss

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